Frequently Asked Questions

We have two options for this:

  1. Receive back-in-stock notifications when fish is available. This can be found under each fish listing for all out-of-stock fish.
  2. Pre-order your fish (see FAQ below for more details)


We offer pre-orders for live fish (USA only).

Please email with a header titled "live fish pre-order" and include the type of fish you'd like and your shipping address to calculate shipping costs.

We offer international shipping for all dry goods and live plants (not live fish or glass bowls). All shipping costs are calculated and shown to you before checkout. Your package may be subject to import duties and taxes.

Not only are they aesthetic but also offer plenty of benefits to an aquarium. They: (1) allow you to feed your fish with ease if you have a lot of floating plants, (2) allow light into the tank for your aquatic plants below, (3) prevent floating plants from getting into unwanted areas, and (4) offer a form of relaxation by scooping out the duckweed.

The green floating plant is called duckweed and you can purchase it on our website, here!

If we are sold out, can also find it at your local fish shop/ online. It may look different depending on the species/ conditions.

Duckweed is an excellent ammonia/nitrate/nitrite reducer and will make the fish feel safer since it provides natural shade to the tank. After all, it is our goal to make the fish feel safe and happy as if they are in their natural habitat.

It is a good idea to scrub it with a toothbrush during every water change to remove biofilm/ algae.

Any floating plant is suitable with the Fish Portals.

Yes. These portals are non-toxic and aquarium safe.

We have a full care guide available on YouTube!