Duckweed | Live Floating Plant
Duckweed | Live Floating Plant
Duckweed | Live Floating Plant

Duckweed | Live Floating Plant

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Lush Duckweed:

-Healthy duckweed grown in Fish4Ever's indoor aquariums.

-Can be used as fish food!

-Duckweed Care Guide

-Duckweed grows very fast. It can multiply its mass 2x every 16 hours. 

-Benefits: excellent ammonia/nitrate/nitrite reducer, reduces tank evaporation, and will make the fish feel safer since it provides natural shade to the tank. 

-Conditions that the duckweed is being kept in currently: 78°F, 4.3W LED light on 9 hours a day, PH: 7.6, no CO2, low surface agitation, fertilizer: Seachem Flourish.

-Will be packaged in wet paper towel and sealed in zip lock bag to retain moisture. Upon arrival, gently unfold the paper towel and spread the duckweed in any freshwater aquarium. 

Duckweed is snail/pest free.


Plant name:

Lemnoideae "Duckweed"

Portion Size: 2 heaping tsp

Grown in: OR, USA 

*All plant sales have a DOA guarantee to ensure that it arrives healthy and alive or your money back. Duckweed is not shipped on weekends and holidays. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Molly T

I’ve been waiting forever to get some duckweed. It came fast, was packaged super well, and is super healthy! I can’t wait for it to multiply so I can put it in my other tanks. I’m thinking I might need a few portals soon

Most Amazing, Luscious Duckweed!!!

Even after I accidentally left it at the post office an extra day after it was delivered… when I opened it, it was soooo healthy!!!! Not one dead leaf!! It’s so thick, green, luscious, and overall amazing!!! I’m so excited to watch it grow!!! And bonus points because the packaging was super cute and personable :)


Got the duckweed last time it was on sale, arrived in great condition and is growing like crazy

The Duckweed looks great

The Duckweed arrived fast and in great shape!

Laura Christian
Lush duckweed!

Duckweed shipped quickly after ordering and arrived green and healthy! Instructions on how to add it to your tank is included. Great addition to the tank!