Mystery Young Glass Belly Guppy Fish
Mystery Young Glass Belly Guppy Fish
Mystery Young Glass Belly Guppy Fish

Mystery Young Glass Belly Guppy Fish

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Mystery Pack of Young Glass Belly Guppy Fish:


- 5 unsexed fry of any glass belly guppy type from our shop, value lies between ($55 to $295 per pair)

- watch as they grow and identify what type you received!

- age of fry may be 2 weeks to 2 months old

- Glass belly guppies are known to for their unique physical characteristic: their bellies are transparent, allowing you to see their internal organs. This makes them especially rare and fun to watch as you'll be able to observe the developing fry as they grow.

- Care guides/ tips can be found on the Fish4Ever's YouTube channel

Please note: photos are a typical representation of the fish you will receive but not the exact fish. Variables such as tail length, markings, and colorations should be expected.



Fish name: Poecilia reticulata "glass belly guppy"

Quantity: 5 unsexed glass belly guppy fish 


*All fish sales have a alive on arrival guarantee to ensure they arrive alive or your money back. Fish are only shipped on Mondays in the continental us to ensure timely delivery. See our Shipping Policy & Refund Policy for more details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ladeana W.
Cutest gbg fry! ☺️

I ordered the mystery young glass belly guppie mix. Love raising babies! Order shipped out(from Oregon)Mon 5/20 with expected arrival by Wed 5/22(Maryland). Text and tracking #(USPS) for shipment promptly sent by this seller. Shipment delayed mid transit, I contacted seller by email to make her aware. Seller emailed me back almost immediately confirming. Still no guppy del by end of day Fri 5/24. More emails back/forth with info as to what happened. Me-called my local post office. New guy on del van. Long /short of it- USPS had my guppies in my hometown for 48 hours when they failed to del on Fri. Sat aft- 6 days out from del they were finally del. Due to the exceptional packaging and robust health of my guppies they all arrived non the worse for their travels! Tomorrow will be a week in my care and these babies are living their best lives. So active, so hungry(fed small meals 3x a day). I swear they’ve almost doubled in size! 3/6 showing colors already. Yes I ordered 5-got 6! Nice surprise 😊
I cannot recommend more highly fishportals/fish4ever for your glass guppies. Britney, you are tops in my book! Love my babies, love the care you gave them! Thanks for getting me thru the stress of the wait☺️

Partial order

Only got sent 3 fish. Messaged seller and they were very prompt in answering back. Unfortunately I took a picture for proof outside original packaging so their hands were tied on sending remainder (which is understandable). They were kind and we worked something out. Lesson learned on my end. The 3 little babies that I have received are doing great!

Doua Vang
5 stars

I received my fishes and they’re all well and healthy! Thanks Britney!

Joshua Pearson
High quality in a timely manner

Fish arrived with the package’s temperature perfectly regulated. The fish were very healthy and responded well to their new tanks.