Blueberry Snail (Viviparus sp.)
Blueberry Snail (Viviparus sp.)

Blueberry Snail (Viviparus sp.)

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Live Blueberry Snail (Viviparus sp.)


 - 1 adult blueberry snail (unsexed)

- Blueberry snails are a rare and recently discovered freshwater, live-bearing snail. The females can give birth to one baby snail every 1-3 weeks. 

- Snails will be packaged in heated, insulated box

Conditions the snails are kept in currently:

Water: freshwater

Temp: 78 °F

Filter: low flow, cover on intake to prevent snails from getting sucked in

Decor: stem plants, sand. They may eat bushy plants

Food: spirulina flake food + decaying live plants, algae on aquarium surfaces

Tank mates: community fish (I have glass belly guppies in the tank)

Parameters: 0ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrite, 0ppm nitrate, ~8 pH, NO aquarium salt


- Care guides/ tips can be found on Fish4Ever's YouTube channel


Please note: photos are a typical representation of the blueberry snail you will receive but not the exact snail. Variables such as size, markings, and colorations should be expected.



Snail name: Viviparus sp. "Blueberry Snail"

Quantity: 1 blueberry snail


*All snail sales have an alive-on-arrival guarantee to ensure they arrive alive or your money back. Snails are only shipped on Mondays in the continental us to ensure timely delivery. See our Shipping Policy & Refund Policy for more details.

Customer Reviews

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Madison Perry

Ordered 1 blueberry snail and after 2 days it had a baby!! They are so cool I’m going to have to order more for my other tanks! They look simple from the shell but their bodies are incredible. Came perfectly fine and in good packaging!


I love you website and thanks and posts.I have really really like snails and can u pizzazz do more snail videos.Also I have 500 Mystery blue snails ANF I think that u should bye some and see if u like them WARNING they are very very shy and can go into shock if u don't let the plastic bag sit in the water that u are going to but them in for 2 hours exact.