Young Glass Belly Guppy
Young Glass Belly Guppy

Young Glass Belly Guppy

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5 young glass belly guppy:

5 unsexed glass belly guppies

- Watch as your guppy fry go through all the stages of development! 

- Glass belly guppies are known to for their unique physical characteristic: their bellies are transparent, allowing you to see their internal organs. This makes them especially rare and fun to watch as you'll be able to observe the developing fry as they grow.

- Care guides/ tips can be found on the Fish4Ever's YouTube channel

Please note: photos are a typical representation of the fish you will receive but not the exact fish. Variables such as tail length, markings, and colorations should be expected.



Fish name: 

Poecilia reticulata "glass belly guppy"

Quantity: 5 young - juvenile fish 

Bred in: OR, USA 

*All fish sales have a alive on arrival guarantee to ensure they arrive alive or your money back. Fish are only shipped on Mondays in the continental us to ensure timely delivery. See our Shipping Policy & Refund Policy for more details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Glenstin Sankin

Plssss sell some more belly guppies/guppys i really wanted to buy them but i had no chance any more ;(( especially my birthday is coming on, Thanks and i hope there are more belly guppys!! ;D

kevin oh
pls sell more guppys i need male guppys for breeding

i like to breed fish

Best fish ever

It is the best

Allison Carreno
Amazing and cute guppies

I love them soooo much they all came alive and healthy I'm just a little disappointed that they all turned out to be little females but ig that just means I will have to order more